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vogelmees, print

  • vogelmees, print

giclée print, limited edition of 12, signed and numbered
on Hahnemuehle 308 gsm Cotton White paper
appr. 9,5x15cm 2022

the story here is as follows: 'As I came downstairs into the kitchen the other day I noticed a Great Tit lying on the floor, all flustered and panicky. I imagine he had tried to fly back out again through the windows, and of course failed. I picked him up gently and held him between my two hands as we walked outside. I lay down with him and opened my hands, making cooing, soothing sounds, as one does. He remained in my hand and his tiny claws gripped my fingers, it seemed he did not want to let go. After a while, in this not very comfortable position, I got up and managed to sit down in a chair with my hands in my lap and he leaned against my stomach. His breathing and heart-beat had calmed down somewhat, but he was very vigilant, not towards me but our surroundings: as a pigeon flew over casting it's shadow over us, he flinched and when Viggo-the-dog moved in our direction he hunched a bit lower still. All of a sudden he hopped from my lap onto the armrest, very aware of all that was happening around us. Then he hopped onto the top of my head, I could not believe it, I was delighted. Fortunately I had my phone with me so I could take a selfie of the two of us and then make a video, as of course I could not see self! Tada, he remained sitting there for a couple minutes more, oh my this was the best start of a week any one could wish for.' you can read more on my blog www.saskiavanherwaarden.com